Immer meine Sophos Access Point, um zu arbeiten

Then I suppose I will not switch to XG home. At least the APs will continue to function normally within the UTM for the foreseeable future. I don't see home users paying for a subscription to Sophos Central. On your site no pricing is even listed, a representative has to call.

Hotspot settings Use these settings to configure various hotspot settings such as deletion options and certificates to use for HTTPS authentication.

Reports Reports provide a unified view of network activity for the purpose of analyzing traffic and threats and complying with regulatory bodies.

Hotspot voucher definition Hotspot voucher definitions specify network access. You can use voucher definitions to Grenzwert the validity period, time quota, and data volume for users who have access to voucher-Durchschuss hotspots.

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Advanced threat Advanced threat protection allows you to monitor all traffic on your network for threats and take appropriate action, for example, drop the packets.

Firmware: Firmware version installed on an access point. A green check indicates an access point it up to date. A blue arrow indicates more info a firmware upgrade is available. A clock icon indicates the access point is scheduled for a firmware upgrade.

Rogue AP scan A rogue access point refers to any access point connected to your network without authorization. Attackers can use rogue access points for traffic sniffing and other purposes such as man-rein-the-middle attacks.

You can also view Sandstorm activity and the results of any datei analysis. Use these results to determine the level of risk posed to your network by releasing these files.

Network redundancy and availability is provided by failover and load balancing. Other settings allow you to provide secure wireless broadband service to mobile devices and to configure advanced support for IPv6 device provisioning and traffic tunnelling.

You can use a VPN to provide secure connections from individual hosts to an internal network and between networks. VPNs are commonly used to secure communication between off-site employees and an internal network and from a branch office to the company headquarters.

When you add an interface to a hotspot, the associated access points act as hotspots. Hotspots support a full suite of protection features and authentication methods.

VLAN tagging requirements You can assign an access point to a wireless network only if the client traffic Vorkaufsrecht of the wireless network and the VLAN tagging Vorkaufsrecht of the access point are compatible.

Logs include analyses of network activity that let you identify security issues and reduce malicious use of your network. You can send logs to a syslog server or view them through the log viewer.

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